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Boy Coloring

Child Therapy

In children, play is a tool that allows for them to explore and cope with difficult emotions and find solutions to problems. It enables children to learn about themselves, others, and the world around them in addition to change the way they think about, feel toward, and resolve their concerns. Dr. Sherry engages each child in utilizing this avenue of communication in individual sessions and invites parents to begin reflecting on the child's play and behaviors in order to make meaningful change.

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Young Man in Therapy

Adolescent Therapy

Adolescence can be a trying time for both teenagers and their families. The teenager’s constant attempts to exert independence are often met by parental roadblocks. Often times adolescents who show signs of poor academic performance, disruptive behavior, isolation, depression, anger, substance use, lying, or stealing, are trying to communicate a need that isn’t being met. It is imperative to take these symptoms seriously and to seek professional attention before they intensify. Dr. Sherry works to uncover the underlying needs of the symptoms that are being manifested and help adolescents identify and verbalize their needs, alongside coping skills to manage their emotions, peers, family members, and various life circumstances. 

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Friendly Conversation

Individual Therapy

When dealing with anxiety, depression, relationship issues, trauma, or personal development goals, individual therapy provides a tailored and effective path towards improved mental, relational, and emotional well-being. Regardless of whether your struggles have been long standing, or they have recently surfaced as a result of new life circumstances, individual therapy provides a safe and confidential space to be able to sort through how to move forward. Individual therapy with Dr. Sherry will help you to gain insight into challenges, develop coping skills, and work towards personal growth and healing. ​

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Family on Digital Tablet

Family Therapy

Family therapy involves multiple family members. Often, challenges experienced by one family member impacts the entire family unit. For example, a child’s behavioral, emotional, or academic concerns may affect the parents, the marital relationship, and/or the siblings functioning. Likewise, a parent’s stressors or marital discord can impact the child’s functioning. Through family therapy, Dr. Sherry encourages all family members to identify areas of concern, share their unique perspective, and establish goals for treatment. This type of treatment is especially helpful in addressing sibling conflict or improving open communication within the family unit. The focus is to assist family members in looking at the role they each play in contributing to the presenting problem, examine beliefs and patterns, develop insight, and to determine ways to negotiate and communicate to get needs met.

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3R Parenting™

3R Parenting is separate from therapy services. It is designed parents to receive invaluable support and training in how best to meet their child, family, and own needs through early parenthood and beyond.

3R Parenting focuses on building foundations for strengthening the parent-child Relationship, improving Regulation, and deepening Reflection, the 3 parenting muscles Dr. Sherry has found in her 15+ years of professional experience to be responsible for healthy and well adjusted children AND parents, lifelong. 

Explore the link below or contact Dr. Sherry directly to learn more about how to secure confidence in knowing you are parenting and building foundations for the best future through adolescence and adulthood!

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Preschool & Childcare Consultation

Infant and Early Childhood Mental Health Consultation (IECMHC)

IECMHC is an evidence-based approach which consistently demonstrates positive impacts for children and their families, as well as for early childcare education programs & providers.

IECMHC consists of weekly, monthly, or quarterly consultation with early childcare education programs and providers that take place in the preschool or childcare setting. Consultation may consist of participation in daily classroom routines, modeling intervention approaches, sharing useful strategies, facilitating referrals, and/or providing trainings.

These activities are provided with the goal of helping early childhood educators, program leaders, and related professionals strengthen their knowledge about factors that influence social-emotional development and optimize early childhood development with individualized support to providers, children, and families.


IECMHC has been found to lead to increased social-emotional functioning for children (self-regulation, social skills, protective factors, adaptive behaviors) and decreases in challenging behaviors and expulsions.


IECMHC has been found to increase self-efficacy in addressing challenging behaviors, increased knowledge around social-emotional development, and higher levels of closeness and sensitivity during teacher-child interactions. IECMHC has been found to result in lower levels of provider stress.


IECMHC aims to improve families' communication with educators, increase support of parenting skills and access to services supporting mental health.


IECMHC has been found to reduce staff turnover and improve program quality and classroom climate.

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